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    Byrne Kelly, RLA, ASLA
License: 200019

The Greenfields Co.
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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning is a many faceted profession covering residential and urban landscape design, city planning, rain gardens, and watershed management.   If you are considering a project of any size, welcome to The Greenfields Company. Our professionals are dedicated to providing practical, cost effective and beautiful solutions to any and all of your landscape development needs.

Close to Home:
Whether your challenge is grass, drainage, retaining walls, or a new point of view, landscape design is an art form.  We can help you assemble a plan to bring your perfect landscape to life, adding significant value to your property and home, at competitive prices. A properly laid out and engineered landscape design plan can save you time and money while improving the environment.

The City:
The Greenfields Company works with municipal officials, planners, arborists and civil engineers to plan projects and maintain historical preservations while keeping an environmental balance in mind.

Commercial Property:
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning is also appropriate for commercial properties to reduce maintenance and the use of chemicals, and to increase function, energy efficiency, curb appeal, safety and value.


Byrne H. Kelly, President, The Greenfields Company
Environmental Planner, Registered Landscape Architect
Member, American Society of Landscape Architects
MA. Landscape Architecture, the Conway School of Landscape Design,
BA, Williams College, Environmental Planning and Studio Art.

Form Follows Function - Site Plan
New Alternative TK Junction

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What TGC clients are saying...
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Green Renovation BLOG

"The Greenfields Company crew worked diligently every day until our patio was complete; they were always on time and were very respectful and courteous. In the end we are very pleased with our patio and deck. Their work has truly transformed our backyard into a great entertaining space."
Tina Halley, 2010


"Thank you for your imaginative and thorough solutions to the very serious drainage problems and flooding that used to plague our yard and house. 

We appreciate having a handsome patio where an eyesore had been.  And we are very pleased to have the rain garden that you installed.  It clearly makes a very significant difference in managing all the water that comes our way when it rains."

Winthrop Cashdollar, Executive Director for Product Policy
America's Health Insurance Plans

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